2016 National Convention Recap: All In for the Mission!

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2016 National Convention Recap: All In for the Mission!

National Agents Alliance has just wrapped up our 2016 National Convention. While the weather did its best to derail us, the Alliance team was ALL IN, and arrived at the Raleigh Convention Center in astounding numbers!

The amazing journeys across the country to be able to make it to Raleigh showed the commitment of all our Alliance team members, and the headquarters team was so happy that you could take advantage of the training, the relationship building, and the excitement of #NatCon16! This was truly an exceptional conference, worth it in every way, and life changing for many.

While we celebrate the achievements, learning, and friendships of the 2016 National Convention, remember to keep your momentum going and embrace the Mission for the rest of 2016. Go ALL IN and take yourself, your team, and your future to the next level!

If you weren't able to make it to #NatCon16, we missed you! Get a small taste of what went on in our recap, and then make the decision to get yourself into the Mission and join us in July for the Leadership Conference.

Visit Alliance Eventures to register today. Remember that tickets are limited, so don't wait!

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