Alliance Activity Call: August 11, 2017

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Alliance Activity Call: August 11, 2017

August 11, 2017: On this episode of the Activity Call, your host Andy Albright wanted to talk about a concept that he uses in his life and business to help him move projects, tasks and ideas along.

This worksheet is called the "Ready, Fire, Aim Concept."

This concept involves planning in terms of emotion, time and money. Before you go "all in" on a project, you need to start it and then gauge whether or not you are on the right track. Also, maybe you can make adjustments before you think you are done with a task or project.

When you are working toward a goal, figure out what you want and take action. Make adjustments along the way, but keep working toward what you want.

Just do it!

The difference between high achievers and low achievers can be found in the level of action and commitment. The most successful people take action. Moment by moment your life is going away. You can have the best intentions in the world, but what you do is how you need to keep score. Are you getting results? The way to get what you want is to get things done, rather than intending to do something. Are you "action oriented?"

Are you walking, talking and behaving like successful people do? Even if you aren't where you want to be, are you acting like you are what you want to be? Some people say, "fake it until you make it." Andy says, "faith it until you make it." Have faith, take action and don't be scared to fail.

The law of reversibility in psychology and metaphysics talks about "you are more likely to act yourself into feeling a particular way then you one to feel yourself into acting."

Act "as if" you are the person you desire to be. Show people your desire and take action with the qualities and talents you possess. Your actions will generate the feelings that go with them. Get advice and take action.

Walk, talk, dress and behave like the people you want to be like. You will soon feel like a winner. You will treat other people the way top-performing people do. You will get results. When you face a difficulty see if as a chance for instruction and not an obstruction. When trouble arises, seek training to get through it. Stay persistent. Never give up! With each obstacle or setback, there is a seed of equal or greater advantage or benefit. You job is to focus on that. Keep doing. There is a lesson in the struggle that may be something you needed to experience or learn from to get better.

Don't isolate yourself when you are trying to make things happen. Seek instruction and feedback. Get correction and get better. Ready, Fire, Aim!!!

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