Alliance Activity Call: February 24, 2017

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Alliance Activity Call: February 24, 2017

February 24, 2017: This week's episode of The Alliance Activity call was guest hosted by Stephen Davies from his office in Asheville, N.C.

People never know what they need to hear in order to kick them into motion. A lot of successful people do everything it takes to be in the room when what they need to hear is said. Often times, when a person hears what they need to hear they start performing at a higher level.

Today's topic focused on the "How and Where" of The Alliance. How do you grow to a higher level than where you are right now, today, in this moment? How do you reach for Good Samaritan Bonus and SEAL Team 20 each month? How do you push for more?

With The Alliance, you can decide what you are going to do and then put together a plan to make it happen. How? The Alliance has a system in place that will help you set and reach any goal that you have. There are no limitations on what you can do if you set a goal and work for it. More is always possible because The Alliance does not have a shortness of opportunity. You get to decide. The opportunity is there is you want it.

Why are you stuck where you are at? Why are you not moving up? The Alliance isn't concerned about a finish line. We are trying to go as far as we can go. The "Do" at The Alliance is simple: Sell, Recruit and Build.

Make dials, set appointments and go meet clients. Keep doing it and the results will come. It might not happen overnight, but if you keep working consistently then you will find success.

What holds people back? People have to decide that they want to grow. Once the decision is made, it must be backed up by action. Decision comes from a Latin word that means cutting off. When you make a decision, you cut off everything that is preventing you from doing something. Poor people are enamored by having a plan B or a backup plan. People like that are playing small. They are not playing to win. They are not making a decision to change their life. People who make decisions and are committed are better off because they back up the decision with action.

Normal people don't get a lot done because they are wrapped up in normal stuff. They waste time on things that don't help them. When you hear people talking about what they have cut off then you know they have made a decision.

Stephen shared some words that will help you with making decisions.

Instead: looking back and looking forward. If you didn't do what you wanted to do last year, what were you doing that stopped you? What did you do instead of what you could have done that limited your success? Did you play too much golf? Did you go out too much? Too much TV? What were you doing? You can find the time if you are willing to give up other things.

Fear: Not all fear is bad. Negative fear is fear of failure and success. Procrastination is the enemy. This keeps us from doing the things we need to do. Distractions occupy us because we have a fear of failure. Advice is something we seek because we often lack the courage to take action. Worry is nothing more than a prayer for what you fear. Don't operate in a self-sabotaging manner. Don't ruin your momentum by making a bad decision. Self-worth issues will limit your success. Stay away from negative people. Look for positive. Don't borrow trouble. It will consume you.

Energy: you only have so much energy. You can do things to optimize your energy, but it is limited. Be wise about how you use it. Put your efforts into the right areas of your life. Avoid energy vampires that will drain you and your efforts that could be used in a positive way in other places. Avoid OPD (Other People's Drama). You can't solve everybody else's problems and emergencies. Spend time getting caught up on your dreams and not the latest episode of a TV show.

Intention: Are you intentional in what you are doing? What does your plan look like? Are you planning your days out with great intention? When you act intentionally, you make better decisions. What do you want? What does it look like? Figure that out and find a way to go there. Are you putting habits in place to get you there? Your intentions can simplify your decision-making process. Words are not neutral and your intentions shouldn't be either.

Purpose: Have a purpose, work with a sense of purpose and use the energy of that purpose to guide what you do. When you have a purpose, you are less likely to be self-destructive. When you act with purpose you create the results and impact that keep your belief bucket full. When you lack purpose, you lack belief over time. You have to keep filling up that bucket. A man with purpose doesn't hesitate to make decisions.

Change: People have to change to reach their dreams and goals. You can't get overwhelmed by stuff. When you continue to change in positive ways, you are more likely to keep growing. Don't give up, but do keep getting up. You will fail and hit roadblocks, but you can't quit or you will not win.

Delay: When you make decisions and you have to act with delay in some areas, you have to remember it is OK to delay gratification. If you are feeling bad, don't make a decision. Get up and regroup before you make a decision. Don't give into your emotions and don't let your emotions get you in trouble. Keep them in check. Delay the decision until your mind is right. Don't get too high or low. It can always be better and it can always be worse. Don't give up on positive changes because it will take time for the results to kick in. Don't quit. You might be closer than ever thought to winning. If you quit, you can't win.

Every Friday at 10:00 AM ET, National Agents Alliance holds our Alliance Activity call (formerly known as NAActivity!).

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