Alliance Activity Call: July 7, 2017

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Alliance Activity Call: July 7, 2017

July 7, 2017: On this episode of The Alliance Activity Call, Andy Albright shares 3 big secrets to help you attract the right people in your life.

Andy will also tell you how to use these secrets to help you succeed.

Humans need to feed three basic needs. These are acceptance, approval and appreciation.

  1. Acceptance - Accept people as they are and let them be them. They don't have to be perfect for you to like them. Don't try to be the moral police. You don't need to offer them a straight jacket to wear. Never put conditions on your acceptance of people. Don't say I accept you if YOU change, do this, be this or act like this. People don't like that and will move away from you.
  2. Approval - Look for something to "approve of" in all people. Find a shiny spot even if it is a small thing. It seems insignificant, but you need to let them know it. The more you approve, the more that will appear to you. As you get closer, look and see how he/she will adjust and do more to earn approval.
  3. Appreciation - Appreciate means to raise value. Do not depreciate people or lower the level of appreciation. Let people know you value them. Treat them like they are valuable. Don't keep people waiting. Thank people. Give them special treatment. Give them individual treatment.

We all have a hunger or appetite to be accepted as we are. Be yourself and be OK. Take your shoes off and relax! Be a person that someone else can be OK with and not judge others.

Now, a lot of people do the opposite. They find faults in people. They are sarcastic. They put down people. They are not real friends. They often suggest how you can be fixed! They are rigid and rough. They have "standards" of how things ought to be. Let the peculiar be peculiar. If somebody is not like you then be OK with that. Let people relax. Everybody calm down.

People who accept people as they are are the ones most likely to change them and influence them.

Ask yourself this: Who changed you? Was it the person who believed in you, encouraged you, loved you and accepted you?

No one person has the power to reform another person, but liking another person as they are is a great way to start.

Have you ever had a doctor that listened with no surprise, horror or moral judgment? That's like a good friend. They accept it for what it is and they help you get better. Like a spouse, it is for better or worse.

No one is accepted by all, but all need somebody to accept them. Gangs operate this way. They do crazy or they do good.

Find approval and like something about people. You can find good or bad, but you have to look for both. You can find flaws or find things to approve. Shine your spotlight on approval things. We all bask in the spotlight of approval. Let it shine on people. Take notice and find something unique about a person. They will then glow.

Appreciation is magic! Raise value and help others grow. We want to be around those who are growing. Let them know. Clap for them. Smile at them. Get up and show appreciation.

Don't keep waiting to do this if at all possible.

Acknowledge immediately. Don't delay.

Thank people.

Treat them special.

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