Alliance Activity Call: November 18, 2016

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Alliance Activity Call: November 18, 2016

November 18, 2016: Kyle Keator served as your guest host of this episode of The Alliance Activity call while Andy Albright was in Raleigh, N.C. delivering a keynote address at the Shelton Leadership Forum at N.C. State University.

Find out how Kyle Keator did something "big" in only four days on this show!

At The Alliance, everybody is special. Now, that doesn't mean that everybody is going to make $1 million annually. It might not even mean that everybody can make more than $100,000. However, YOU are capable and Andy Albright believes that everybody has the potential to be a high-income earner.

We have our SEALTeam20 and you are encouraged to be a member of this elite group. We also have the Good Samaritan Bonus, which is another program that can help you give back to charities in a big way.

Maybe you are not where you need to be for either of those deals, but you are still part of the family even if you don't hit those marks.

The Alliance wants YOU to be active in both the SEALTeam20 and the GSB. If you are willing, able and ready, then let's go. If you ain't scared of a phone, let's get dialing. If you have a car and you are not afraid of driving, let's roll.

Crank up your laptop and run a craigslist ad. Let's find two recruits this month!

We need those things communicated across the country in our HotSpots meetings. Maybe you are not ready to it now, but eventually you are going to make a decision to do and not think.

The Alliance has put lines in place so that you know where you stand. They start really low and they go up, up, up. The decision of where you fall is up to you and your activity. You are invited to step over lines too. Where you are today doesn't matter. You are invited to step over any line you would like.

The Alliance isn't here to hold you back. It is here to cheer you on so you can go places you've never been before. But, there's no pressure.

If you are making the kind of money that makes you happy, then great. If you are comfortable then that's OK. What Kyle Keator decided was that he wasn't OK with where he was financially. He started changing things up and pushing for more.

Andy asked Keator if he could set 20 appointments a week, recruit at least two new people a month and write $20,000 each month. Kyle said he could and now he's going to hold himself to that promise.

In 2017, the people that do those numbers are going to be recognized and rewarded through ST20. Income, special prizes, trips, etc.

ST20 will lead to cash flow, higher self-esteem and recognition.

What level are you shooting for next year? Are you planning now? Get emotional about it RIGHT NOW, then decide to book some time to make dials for sales and recruiting.

Ask somebody that is where you want to be what you should do next. If you are a manager, help somebody else figure out what to do next. Be specific and exact. Successful people figure out what needs to be done next and what is most important.

Be clear about what you want and what it will take to make it happen. Your actions will back up your words...or not. Don't talk about it, if you aren't DOING anything about it.

Keator said he's got to do what he's got to do. He's not worried about what the next President thinks or even the governor. He's gonna do what he needs to do.

Why? Kyle doesn't want to go back to being broke ... ever again! He is self-employed and doesn't want to work for somebody else and wear the uniform they tell him to wear.

He's doing it for his family. College isn't cheap. Christmas isn't cheap. Traveling the world isn't cheap.

Set some goals. Figure out you "BECAUSE" and focus on that. Write it down.

Kyle wants to do it ...

Because I want to give my church a $1,000

Because I want to give Tim Goad my GSB

Because I want to pay for my kids education.

Because I want a patch.

Because I want to be a part of team.

Because I want to be a part of SealTeam20

Because I want to be GSB 12 out of 12 months next year

Let your manager know what your "BECAUSE" is and work toward making it reality.

What we got to do is get people COMMUNICATING their BECAUSE. Some people call it a WHY. Kyle is calling it a BECAUSE.

We got a book, its very simple, its called The Alliance Activity book. It is just one of the tools The Alliance has in place for you to be successful. These tools help you execute the basics.

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