Alliance Activity Call: October 20, 2017

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Alliance Activity Call: October 20, 2017

October 20, 2017: How to keep going, how to not quit, how to not get weary in well doing and how to not succumb to the lies.

Can you get a whitesheet of paper? Do it and prepare for your future. Prepare for greatness. Every step you take that gets you closer to your ultimate goal gives you more energy.

Story of Abe Lincoln and being persistent.

Focus on the stats. It matters in life. Stats and facts. Act.

40 percent of the things you worry about will never happen. 30 percent of people worry about things in the past. 12 percent focus on needless concerns about health, etc. 8 percent of the things we worry about are legitimate things. Half of the legit things we worry about we can affect. 2 percent we can eliminate. 2 percent of the things that people worry about is really, really legitimate.

Don't waste moments in life when you can get something done. Life is meant to be lived. Stop wasting time.

Let go of what you think you want. What do you think you want? Don't want things that you can never get. You can't continue wanting stuff that you can't change. You don't have time to go after things that you can't possible affect, change, impact.

Can you get hung up on tomorrow and think about what it will be like? Picture the future. Think big, then think bigger. Keep growing. Cover the bad stuff with more good stuff. It lessens the blow of the bad stuff when you keep doing good.

Keeps pushing forward, it is easier than sitting down. Find new challenges. Find bigger challenges.

Cut out the fear, worry and doubt.

Most people have heard the lies, but they don't hear the truth. They hear negative people tell them what they can't have. Stop hearing that YOU can't have what you want. It will drain you. Don't buy into that junk. You get to decide what is good enough for you. If you want to win, then you can make it happen. You success and future has nothing to do with the lies people are trying to spread. It has everything to do with what you do.

If you can do the little things and stop worrying about the negative, you can have anything you want.

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