Andy Albright: I Wish I Wrote That Email

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Andy Albright: I Wish I Wrote That Email

At the 2013 Leadership Advance Retreat in Squaw Valley, CA, National Agents Alliance's top leaders and performers came together for exercises in both fun and business. During the final moments of the retreat, The Alliance's CEO, Andy Albright, read a powerful excerpt from "20,000 Days and Counting" that touched all those present: Speaking of time, urgency, events and those you love, and where your focus should be.

How many days have you been alive? Are you focusing on what is important?

Have you got your SHIP together?
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6 Responses to Andy Albright: I Wish I Wrote That Email

  1. Robert Wilson Robert Wilson says:

    To Mr. Andy Albright. I love it when you get emotional! How many CEO’s do you see who get Emotional and truly LOVE & CARE for their People! PS Looks Like I need to get another book ~ Robert D Smith 20000 Days & Counting.

  2. Corey Hodges Corey Hodges says:

    Awesome Video.

  3. Charlotte Nicotre Charlotte Nicotre says:

    It was amazing to be sitting in the same room listening to you share this with us. Makes listening to it now so much more meaningful & powerful!

  4. James Pollock James Pollock says:

    Deeply inspirational! Thank you Andy, leaders and AMP!!

  5. Linda Schnolis Linda Schnolis says:

    Another home run from the media dept! Great speech Andy!

  6. Joe Walker Joe Walker says:

    AMP you guys put your foot in this video. Excellent job. SO moving! Makes me want to be there in SV.

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