Andy Albright’s Live Show Breaking Barriers

Andy Albright’s live show is breaking barriers in the insurance world of communication each week. NAA’s cultural coach Tim Goad said, “I think everybody knows the wave is here, it’s time to catch it.” These are just a few of the inspiring words heard around the National Agents Alliance globe each week on the live show with Andy Albright at 12:30 p.m. eastern time.

The live shows launched in the summer of 2011 have gotten bigger and better with the production, training, and following. This past week, the AMP team broadcasted in HD bringing the show to a whole new level.

Filmed before a live studio audience of agents who come to visit and corporate staff, the show is now averaging at minimum 500 viewers and 200 listeners via conference call. Andy Albright has set the tone for 2012 with a clear vision of expectations.

“It’s like any other tool if you don’t use it; it’s not going to matter.” said Andy Albright on the live show this past week.

With the National Agents Alliance 2012 National Convention just days away, there is no doubt that the enthusiasm, engagement, and focus will be larger than life once Albright hits the big stage live before 2,500 people.

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