Bert Wright

I had to share this story with the National Agents Alliance team.  As many of you know, I work a full time job of 50 hrs a week; nevertheless, I work hard to stay connected. Outside of an extenuating work conflict, I make sure to get on every conference call and attend the meetings.

Last Monday I picked up a useful tip on the Art Leazer team call. I believe it was Eric Bellaire who mentioned how important it is not to be quick to pull out and open up my laptop in the home, because it makes us look like salespeople. We should spend more time building rapport. A couple months earlier, I went on a ride along with Jason and watched how he asked for ERS. He shows ten fingers and wiggles them all as he explains why he needs 10 names. I listened to the ERS mp3 from Jason and Tawny on what to say to a referral. I spoke with Jason today, and received tips on how to prepare and what to say for my first policy review. Lastly, I was told to have an illustration of a child’s policy from F&G printed and in my bag to show a client, especially if there are children in the home

Tonight I had an appointment with an ERS contact. I did all of the above when I arrived at the client’s home. I spent some time building some rapport.  I reviewed her policy, based on the information that Jason shared with me.  She had a FE for $6K for $28.74. She bought the policy in November 2011 from the “family” insurance agent, Claudia. Claudia has been servicing the needs of the family for 31 years. It would have been easy to walk away and give up, but I kept asking questions and probing deeper. She was interested in getting additional coverage. (This is when I pulled out my laptop). She was paying with a credit card, which left Monumental as an option. After asking the health questions, she qualified for preferred status and I was able to get her $10K for $28.20 per month! $4k more and $0.54 cheaper! I showed her my 10 fingers and I got 7 ERSs, I know I would have gotten more, but she bought a new phone and hasn’t gotten the data transferred over. Lastly, her grand nieces and nephews were playing near us. I showed the F&G illustration and that piqued her interest. We will discuss getting a policy for them upon policy delivery.

Since I went on the ride along with Jason, I have made a sale a week. I believe it’s time to get in the car again! 🙂

Bert Wright

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