Broken, Paul Roberts’ Journey

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Broken, Paul Roberts' Journey

Paul Roberts, a valued member of The Alliance, had reached a crossroads in his life where he had to make a decision. He was tired of fighting and knew he had to quit before he lost friends, family and ultimately his life. His problem was hidden to most, even those closest to him, as he functioned at work and in social settings. It was when he was by himself, alone with his thoughts, that his problem reared its ugly head and led him down a path of destructive behavior.

"Broken," which chronicles Roberts' journey out of the dark and back to a world where he isn't scared of what happens next, was filmed in various locations around Dallas, Texas in May by AMP Studios. The three-day shoot followed the entire Roberts' family during their day-to-day schedule and interactions with friends and members of The Alliance. An honest and open video, "Broken" takes you inside Roberts' inner circle where few people, much less a production team, would ever be granted such unlimited access to share Roberts' story.

Through this video, we learn how Roberts was able to overcome his problem, become a better person, parent and husband with the help of his chosen family, "The Alliance." The change started when Roberts simply prayed to God to "make me stop, because I couldn't do it on my own." Roberts' candid interviews explain the personal hell he was living, but also reveals how the support of his family and his best friends allowed him to climb out of a dark period in his life.

Roberts, in his early 40s, now sees a brighter future and an opportunity to make up for so much lost time he can never get back. Through "Broken," Roberts hopes at least one more person is able to face their problem and come out stronger just like he did. "It's important that people know they aren't alone," Roberts says. "It doesn't matter what you are facing, it's about knowing that you can make things right."
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