NAAU’s Shocking New Makeover!

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NAAU's Shocking New Makeover!

Once a media darling of National Agents Alliance, NAA University was thought to be past her prime, out of date, and, we dare say, out of shape. However, through an anonymous tip, we have learned that NAAU has utilized insider help to undergo a radical new makeover...Becoming more lean and streamlined, while providing even more exceptional content.

A full exposé is planned for June 4, 2012, but The Alliance has secured revealing, pre-release footage! Don't miss this video!
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3 Responses to NAAU’s Shocking New Makeover!

  1. Coach NAA Coach NAA says:

    New NAAU turned out good — but the big change is the new website, in my opinion. NAAU ain’t just this one product anymore.

  2. Kristin Marsh says:

    The rumors are true! I saw her – and daggum!! She’s got the looks and the brains – the FULL PACKAGE!

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