NatCon16 Premiere: All In – The Alliance

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NatCon16 Premiere: All In - The Alliance

Playing high stakes poker can crack even the most tenacious of individuals. Join us as three potential agents attempt to take the plunge of building their own agency here at National Agents Alliance via such a game.

Will our recruits realize the crucial differences between playing poker and building an agency? There are some similarities and pressures, but is the secret to success really in the cards?

Which of our potential Alliance team members has the proper mindset to excel? Will Mr. Mason lay a solid foundation? Will Mr. Hill rise above the rest? Or will Ms. Lightbourn be a beacon of hope? Does anyone have the commitment to go all in?

Tune in to find out, and to get some excellent advice from Agents Henson and Roberts!

National Agents Alliance is very proud to present our Mission: Agents Wanted series of videos from the 2016 National Convention (#NatCon16)! These videos feature some of NAA's top team members in a high stakes spy and intrigue thriller - the likes of which our agents live every day!

Special Appearances by:

  • Paul Roberts
  • Jim Henson
  • Jazmin Lightbourn
  • Matt Mason
  • Chris Hill

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