NatCon16 Premiere: The Falcones – National Agents Alliance

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NatCon16 Premiere: The Falcones - National Agents Alliance

The life of an insurance agent is filled with mystery, intrigue, and the occasional 'character' of a client.

Premiering at #NatCon16, 'The Falcones' lets you tag along with with one of National Agents Alliance's top agents, Jason Carey, as he meets with a couple of those colorful individuals, and does his best to provide them with the protection and peace of mind that they need.

Will Mr. Carey be able to handle the eccentric Falcones? Will the seductive Mrs. Falcone distract him from the task at hand? Will Mr. Falcone fit him for a pair of cement shoes?

Only one way to find out...

National Agents Alliance is very proud to present our Mission: Agents Wanted series videos from the 2016 National Convention (#NatCon16)! These videos feature some of NAA's top team members in a high stakes spy and intrigue thriller - the likes of which our agents live every day!

Special Appearances by:

  • Jason Carey
  • Tawny Carey
  • Mike Puleo

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