National Agents Alliance 2013 Cruise Contest

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National Agents Alliance 2013 Cruise Contest

Throughout all of 2013, National Agents Alliance is holding a contest for an incredible all expense paid cruise! We're talking island hopping through the Caribbean with gourmet cuisine, broadway style shows, and association with teammates and leaders of The Alliance on a massive ship (Oasis of the Seas). You can qualify up to six people for this unbelievable trip!

How can you qualify? What are the different levels of qualification? National Agents Alliance's CEO, Andy Albright, has all of the details for you in this video! We want to see everyone on this cruise, so get out there and get qualified!
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3 Responses to National Agents Alliance 2013 Cruise Contest

  1. Nathan Thomas Nathan Thomas says:

    See you on the cruise!!! 6 trips baby!!


    great job media team!

  3. Jaime Eufemia Jaime Eufemia says:

    The Eufemia’s will Earn 6!!!

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