National Agents Alliance: A Look Back at 2014

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National Agents Alliance: A Look Back at 2014

2014 is over and 2015 has roared in. So many things can happen in a year...For National Agents Alliance, 2014 was a year that saw our team achieving a whole lot of things!

We dove headlong out into the community, building playgrounds, improving schools, donating to schools and charities. We adventured around the world, in places like Africa, on the largest cruise ship to sail the seas, and on exotic islands. We danced, we laughed, we strengthened old relationships and built new ones. We also helped many, many families!

In other words, we did what we do best: We Had Fun, Made Money, and Made a Difference!

Join us through this brief video, recounting some of the great moments we had during 2014!

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