The National Agents Alliance New Agent Packet

Did you know about the new agent packet available at the National Agents Alliance NAA store? This packet is what our ABTF uses to communicate with their new agents. Check it out, in this packet are training CD’s, carrier information on products, a complete list of contacts for the corporate office, the latest newsletter, event information and much more!

Communication is so important when you are getting that brand new agent up and running. There are personal hand written messages so they will pay attention  to the right things.   

Andy Albright hand-picked everything that went into this packet because he knows these are the tools they need to get started fast! And these agent packets are tailored to agents who are licensed and those who aren’t.  By mailing out these packets will save you time-you’re new recruit will already have what they need to get started the right way! To order a pack of 50, just go to

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