New to the Game? Get Your Chips Here.

If you are a brand new recruit, you’re in luck!  While time and experience have their advantages, there are also several benefits to being the new kid on the block. Once you sign your 1st carrier contract with National Agents Alliance, you get 30 days of All-Access for free. What does that mean?  It means you can go to any rotational meeting and invite as many people as you want to those meetings at no cost!

Once you sign up for an all-access pass, you will then get a free 30 day trial of President’s Club quick start. Brandi Tipton and Justin Tripp, our President’s Club Liaisons, can assist you with this program. This is your ticket for success with NAA!

What?  You don’t know what President’s Club is??  President’s Club is a leadership development program that keeps you plugged in to our President and CEO, Andy Albright, and National Agents Alliance’s top leaders.  Free training?  How about exclusive training, just for President’s Club members!

If you need more information, be sure to check out NAA Hotspots to view rotational meetings, and give Brandi or Justin a call at 336-227-3319 for information on Quick Start and the other benefits of National Agents Alliance President’s Club.

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