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Leadership Convention 2015: Yapp App How To

National Agents Alliance’s 2015 Leadership Convention is right around the corner. This year we’re enhancing your event experience by replacing ink and paper event agendas with the Yapp App! Some of you may remember the app from this year’s national … Continue reading

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Special Edition of TWC This Week! 1/1/2014

This week’s TWC will be available as a conference call only! Please continue reading for more information and for details on how to join the call. Pin It

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Key to Tomorrow Leadership Conference

As you know National Agents Alliance’s “Key To Tomorrow” Leadership Conference in Raleigh, N.C. is approaching fast—which means NAA’s group-rate hotel rooms are filling up even faster! NAA has teamed up with The Sheraton Raleigh Hotel and the Marriott City … Continue reading

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The Final Spring Forward Events for 2012

Millionaire Maker Manual also known as the Green Book is selling out fast. Get a piece of history while you are in Baltimore or Atlanta this weekend. This book is your map for success, everything is laid out for your … Continue reading

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New to the Game? Get Your Chips Here.

If you are a brand new recruit, you’re in luck!  While time and experience have their advantages, there are also several benefits to being the new kid on the block. Once you sign your 1st carrier contract with National Agents … Continue reading

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iPads As Far As the Eye Can See

It’s been said that the iPad is the magical window where nothing comes between you and what you love. It’s capable of so much more than you can imagine. Baltimore Life wants to give you one of these. There are … Continue reading

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QI Brochures are your ticket to STP!

NAA StoreDid you know about the “show the plan” brochure

Did you know about the “show the plan” brochure called the QI? When you are meeting with someone face to face use this tool to show the plan. In this brochure you will introduce them to what we do, we … Continue reading

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Aruba Contest

Some of you are about 3 weeks away from escaping to Fiji. You will be relaxing on the white sandy beaches on the picturesque island. If you are not one of those heading to exotic Fiji don’t miss out on … Continue reading

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NAA University Package Spring Forward Deal!


There are 3 Spring Forwards left and at any of them; Dallas, Baltimore, or Atlanta you will receive 20% off the NAA University Package when you purchase it at any Spring Forward Event! Coach says, “Stop putting it off! No … Continue reading

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Personal Development

At National Agents Alliance we talk about the importance of personal development as much as we discuss sales techniques.  Because life is a never-ending work in progress, personal development is a life-long process that never ends.  Our philosophy is that … Continue reading

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The Power of Follow-Up


I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “The fortune is in the follow-up,” and it is no different at National Agents Alliance.  It’s absolutely true.  Some top agents operate under the philosophy of keep calling until they “buy or die.”  They … Continue reading

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Bert Wright

I had to share this story with the National Agents Alliance team.  As many of you know, I work a full time job of 50 hrs a week; nevertheless, I work hard to stay connected. Outside of an extenuating work … Continue reading

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Andy Albright’s Live Show Breaking Barriers

Andy Albright’s live show is breaking barriers in the insurance world of communication each week. NAA’s cultural coach Tim Goad said, “I think everybody knows the wave is here, it’s time to catch it.” These are just a few of … Continue reading

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National Agents Alliance Convention Offer!!

$31.28/week for 7 weeks will get you to National Convention! Beginning today (RIGHT NOW!!!), you have the choice to sign up for National Convention with the Extended Payment Plan option! (The other option is to pay in full). This offer … Continue reading

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National Agents Alliance has 400 Trophies to Give Out—What to expect!

The past few weeks you all have been bombarded with information about National Convention – which is a good thing! We don’t want there to be ANY question on what to expect when you arrive in Raleigh, N.C. on January … Continue reading

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Back to Basics: Stay in the Know of NatCon!

While many of you are bringing in 2012 at midnight on New Year’s, you may be distracted and forget that New Year’s is the same time the ticket price increases for National Convention! Don’t forget to sign up before December … Continue reading

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Get the Details of NatCon: Saturday and Sunday

Alliance Media Productions recently released a video with our President and CEO Andy Albright talking with Jon Gordon on positive energy and how to bring out the best in others. If you didn’t see it, check it out! Jon will … Continue reading

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Andy Albright & Jon Gordon Have Message Regarding National Convention!

On Dec. 6, National Agents Alliance President and Chief Executive Officer Andy Albright flew from Tampa, Fla. to Jacksonville, Fla. to meet with best-selling author Jon Gordon in Ponte Vedra, Fla. at the PGA Tour’s TPC Sawgrass County Club to … Continue reading

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What should you expect at National Convention?

In the last two “Did you know’s?” Katie Reavis talks about what to expect at the 2012 National Convention. Be sure to watch these videos  at so you can prepare for what’s to come at the event. In addition … Continue reading

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Answers Found! Process those Annuity Apps!

Want help with getting those annuity applications processed ASAP? Did you know about all of the training that’s available on under Carriers, American Equity?    Do you have questions about how to determine whether an annuity is a suitable product for your clients?  … Continue reading

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