Personal Development

At National Agents Alliance we talk about the importance of personal development as much as we discuss sales techniques.  Because life is a never-ending work in progress, personal development is a life-long process that never ends.  Our philosophy is that we must get better every day.  Who couldn’t improve as a parent, spouse, friend, citizen or sales agent?  No one is perfect, so the door is wide open for improvement.

The challenge we face is not external, it’s internal – we need to master our self.  If you want to dominate in this industry, you need to first dominate yourself, your own personal development.  There is no blaming others; each one of us has to take the responsibility for our own situation and learn, grow and develop better skills.

Our CEO, Andy Albright, always says, “we get better when we do better, and we do better when we know better.”  So, personal development depends on you making yourself a better person.  It’s something you do alone and requires thought and behavior changes.  If you want to get more out of life you must become a better person.  If you want to become a better agent, become a better person. This is not an over-night proposition; you work at personal development every day, always striving to become a better person.

The top agency managers at National Agents Alliance teach their agents to continually evaluate where they are at any time.  Ask, “What one thing will have the biggest impact on my business?  On my life?”  Plan and work on that “one thing” until you are better.  Then find another “one thing” to work on.  Continually working to get better, day in and day out, will pay huge dividends in your life and in your business.  Be sure to tap your resources here at NAAtv, and make use of all the great items that we’ve got in the store too!

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