QI Brochures are your ticket to STP!

NAA StoreDid you know about the “show the plan” brochure called the QI? When you are meeting with someone face to face use this tool to show the plan. In this brochure you will introduce them to what we do, we sell mortgage and retirement protection. When you open it up this hits on the 4 points of who we are and the pages are even numbered for you, 1-6.

Inside you will show them our market, our carriers, our lead system, and sales system. So this brochure shows them the business opportunity we have, it’s important to remember what you’re trying to accomplish once you get a hold of this brochure. When you start talking to someone and showing them the plan, you’re looking for 2 things. To get them licensed and to get a list.

To get these “show the plan” brochures go to www.shopatnaa.com to order a 50 pack for just $15.00 or you can go to www.naaleads.com, resources, and scroll to NAA QI brochure to download them for free.

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