The Alliance 20/20 Vision Explained by Andy Albright

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The Alliance 20/20 Vision Explained by Andy Albright

The Alliance has it figured out - there is a balance to your life. What is that balance? Making a difference and making good money to take care of your loved ones. 20/20 vision is when you get that balance and see yourself in the future of how you want your life to be. "You've got to 'sees' it before you can seize it!"

Get 20/20 vision by learning how to sell and recruit so that you can move up the grid. It might sound wide open, but if you recruit 20 people every month, for three months, and sell $20,000 every month, for three months, you will accomplish 20/20 vision!

This process is for those that want to change their life NOW! It may not happen overnight, because you have to work for it!

Watch and learn how to recruit and build leaders so that you can achieve 20/20 vision in 2014! Learn how to do what Andy calls "being productive while you are productive." Associate, learn and copy Andy's steps so that we can duplicate ourselves across the country.

Join National Agents Alliance's President & CEO, Andy Albright, as he describes this concept that can be the catalyst to change your life. The Alliance sees you and believes in you! We see it and we are going to seize it!

Get your 20/20 vision now so that we can see you on the cruise!
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