The Alliance HotSpot Leaders Trip: Captiva Island

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The Alliance HotSpot Leaders Trip: Captiva Island

National Agents Alliance was recently in Florida, on lovely Captiva Island!

The team's HotSpot leaders all got together to take part in some good old fashioned team building and leadership development activities while doing what The Alliance does best: Having Fun! Tag along as the team takes on the challenges of boat building, blind folded! Who will sink and swim, will anyone stay afloat?

Check out the adventure in this special recap video of the trip, and be sure to check out all the pictures at AMPPix!

While this trip may be over, there are more coming! We need you to be at the next one with us. Build up your HotSpot, keep it hopping, keep the learning and knowledge flowing! See where you can go to help, build, or learn at NAA HotSpots!

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