The Alliance: Steve Davis, Agent Hunter in Cabo!

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The Alliance: Steve Davis, Agent Hunter in Cabo!

Steve Davis, Agent Hunter, has returned on another exciting excursion. Crikey! All the way in Cabo San Lucas!

In this episode, the Agent Hunter is put in some very, very tricky situations - but still manages to present us with handy information on herd behavior and tribe loyalties. In typical fashion, the Agent Hunter has complete disregard for his own safety and well-being in order to bring us all the information we so desperately seek!

An important note: This episode contains a scene wherein an agent is discovered to be reading...bear with me...a romance novel! While this may be hard for some of our more squeamish viewers to digest, take solace in the fact that Steve Davis, Agent Hunter, is able to save this poor fellow - Placing proper reading materials in his hands via a stunningly executed maneuver.

At any rate, be sure to keep the sheilas out of reach of the big ones, and tune in to join us on a crazy adventure in Cabo San Lucas as we tag along with Steve Davis, Agent Hunter!

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2 Responses to The Alliance: Steve Davis, Agent Hunter in Cabo!

  1. Shannon Barnhart Shannon Barnhart says:

    Great Job Stephen Davies and AMP studios crew! Loved it!

  2. Terri Poulin Terri Poulin says:

    Awesome Job Stephen Davies!

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