The How’s and Why’s of Pending Business – 5-6-09

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The How's and Why's of Pending Business - 5-6-09

Write the proper application with for the right client. - Russ Houle Understand what the product is and understand where to place it. - Russ Houle Call you manager and ask when you have questions. - Russ Houle People make the decision based on whether they can afford. You need to understand that in keeping your business on the books. - Russ Houle Send in good business, to get issued, in order to get paid. Ask yourself if it's the right thing for the client. - Russ Houle Do the right thing for the client. - Russ Houle Don't quote a preferred rate. - Kyle Winebrenner Write thank you cards and congratulations on policies being approved. - Don Stebbins
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