The Key to Tomorrow Episode 3

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The Key to Tomorrow Episode 3

The future. Marty arrives to find it in shambles, literally crumbling down around him.

Having gone outside the core values in order to single-handedly sustain the system, Biff has brought the world to the brink of destruction. After a hasty confrontation, Biff slips away back into time, with Marty learning that these results were not his intention...

Getting counsel from the Doc, Marty finds that there are other things at play. Although the key is within him, he isn't seeing the bigger picture - There are many keys and the 8 core values of the system are the pillars, they all point to one critical element that Biff has been lacking: The system wasn't meant to stand alone, a single key, left on its own, will burn out over time. Joining together as a team, an Alliance, is the answer.

The solution is simple, or is it? Find out at NatCon13 in January when National Agents Alliance reveals the final episode!
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