The Key to Tomorrow Episode 4

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The Key to Tomorrow Episode 4

Still in the future, Doc's words have brought Marty to the realization of what needs to be done. This is bigger than just one person, and only working together, as a team, will things be set right.

Even as Marty and the team battle to find Biff, time is running short. The world is crumbling down around them, and even if Marty can find Biff, will he be able to bring him around? Can he convince him to work as a team? Given the circumstances that set them on different paths, Marty isn't so sure...

Steeling his convictions, he is going to put his faith in it working. It has to work!

Don't miss this final chapter in the Key to Tomorrow Saga, and be sure to preorder the DVD to catch the dramatic conclusion from on stage at #NatCon13!
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