the PULSE: Breaking Hearts & Records

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the PULSE: Breaking Hearts & Records

Welcome to this abbreviation laden, record breaking edition of the PULSE!

After bringing you three separate versions of PULSE deliciousness in the last edition, this time your host, Matt Taflan, has his finger on the perfect pace to deliver vast quantities of information.

What, you may ask, information does he have?

Matt has details on National Agents Alliance's Good Samaritan Bonus (GSB), the have beens and those who are not quite there, but are so close we can almost see the victory dances. The LPT, that's the Lead Performance Team, can help you do amazing things with leads by setting you up with GMRs (Geographic Marketing Requests) and Pre-Destined leads. You don't know what these are?? Matt does, and he'll tell you, or you can contact any member of the LPT here at National Agents Alliance HQ and they can help you out.

LeadCon! It's coming, and it's getting here really fast. There are some really important details about it, though, and Matt's got the inside scoop on it. You really need to hear this information, and act quickly on it. Check out the Alliance Eventures site for all the information you need to sign up, get lodging, and even find out when the dates are if you don't already know!

National Agents Alliance has had some broken records recently, big time broken records. Think you can one up them? Tune in to see what they are, and then aim high!

What is the PULSE? It is a bi-weekly video designed with you, the agent, in mind. In it, National Agents Alliance will present information that you need to know, in a quick, fun, and informative format - complete with links and annotations to more resources to help maximize your time.

Did you miss an episode? No problem, check it out!
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