the PULSE: Cruisin’ With Utility Belts

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the PULSE: Cruisin' With Utility Belts


Holy agent tools, Batman! Welcome to this especially crafty version of the PULSE!

Your host, Matt Taflan, has got information on some incredible stuff (*be advised that the Alliance does not recommend following Taflan-style home renovations)! Something that you can add to your repertoire that will give you the edge you need in order to win the fantastic upcoming Greek Isles Cruise - even if you're brand new - even if you're not brand new and just haven't quite gotten there yet - or even if you're not brand new and are a bit of a way off still.

While it may not be a super cool and super stylish utility belt, it is something super cool and super helpful that can boost you and your team even if you're a well seasoned vet (is that oregano?).

Did someone say, "Cruise?" Did you guys know that some folks have already won the Greek Isles Cruise? Do you know what to do if you've won the Oasis of the Seas Cruise (which is rapidly approaching by the way!!!!)...Hey, don't worry if you don't, because Matt does!

Find out the answers to your burning cruise and belt questions in this episode of: The PULSE! And please remember, while belts are a staple of many outfits, suspenders should be worn with care.

Now, as we send off our pal and media guru, Kyle Griffin, on a rocket with a precisely timed fireworks display, we wish him all the best in his future endeavors. Rock on KG!

What is the PULSE? It is a bi-weekly video designed with you, the agent, in mind. In it, National Agents Alliance will present information that you need to know, in a quick, fun, and informative format - complete with links and annotations to more resources to help maximize your time.

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