the PULSE: Every Day I’m Shuttling

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the PULSE: Every Day I'm Shuttling


Welcome to this rocket fueled, space travel on earth edition of the PULSE!

Mission critical information about the 2013 Leadership Conference from Matt in this edition of the PULSE. Tickets are sold out, but National Agents Alliance has a backup plan (and space shuttles?)! The Alliance is also just recently back from Aruba, don't miss the travelogues, 'cause they're pretty impressive.

Have you heard about the new streamlined training system for new agents? We've got Samantha Osborne from the Lead Performance Team to tell you about it! New content, new ways to plug you in, and the LPT will be getting in touch with you, the new agent, to hook you up with all of it.

Folks continue to rock the qualifications for the Good Samaritan Bonus (GSB). Who has qualified, who is on the verge of qualifying again? Matt's got all the details so you can send encouraging words their way!

What is the PULSE? It is a bi-weekly video designed with you, the agent, in mind. In it, National Agents Alliance will present information that you need to know, in a quick, fun, and informative format - complete with links and annotations to more resources to help maximize your time.

Did you miss an episode? No problem, check it out!
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  1. Kim Nelson Kim Nelson says:

    Love your video!!!! I am a new agent and too excited to sleep and you are waaaaaay better than late night tv lol

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