the PULSE: Love & Freebies

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the PULSE: Love & Freebies


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Welcome to this Hippie inspired episode of THE PULSE!

In addition to love, join your host, Matt Taflan, as he packs this episode full of freebies just for you from Andy, NAAU, ABTF, as well as info from our carriers!

Watching this episode of The Pulse is guaranteed (to try and help) to increase your vision, which will increase your wallet!

Get information on the Millionaire Maker Manual Ebook now available to you! Use your voucher from the Multimedia Package today!

Chilly Bean (Chris Hill) joins Matt Taflan on today's show to share with you all of the changes ABTF has been going through to make this company bigger and better than before! Hear why you should make an appointment to come visit and see what we are doing to make The Alliance so great! Chilly Bean also answers all of Matt Taflan's questions regarding ABTF, how to run a business, Doritos, Superheroes, and more!

All Star War Parties are coming your way THIS WEEK! Hear what locations The Alliance will be! The best part is -- IT'S FREE!!

Foresters shares their Alliance love by committing to work with us! Find out what Foresters has added to their Strong Foundation products! Throw away your Foresters Strong Foundation apps and download the new one by visiting the link above!

Also, check out the New Agent Packet for you to give your recruits in order to help them get started today!

Don't forget to check out all of our other awesome videos!

What is the PULSE? It is a bi-weekly video designed with you, the agent, in mind. In it, National Agents Alliance will present information that you need to know, in a quick, fun, and informative format - complete with links and annotations to more resources to help maximize your time.

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