the PULSE: Post NatCon13 Overload!

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the PULSE: Post NatCon13 Overload!


Welcome to this Post NatCon13 Overload edition of the PULSE!

National Convention 2013 is over, and boy is there a ton of stuff going on -- a lot of it the shiny and new kind! The NEW good samaritan bonus (GSB), the NEW level 105 of NAA University, the NEW multimedia edition of Andy Albright's 8 Steps to Success, and the NEW agent level sheets (in NAAU's advanced resources)!

If that wasn't enough, your illustrious host, Matt Taflan, has got information about some freebies that National Agents Alliance has for you! The Key to Tomorrow Theme Song, custom made for The Alliance and performed by Koopa Fields, is free to download. The NAA Shop also has your NatCon13 pictures, and you can get them for free! Check it out at the NAA Store!

What is the PULSE? It is a bi-weekly video designed with you, the agent, in mind. In it, National Agents Alliance will present information that you need to know, in a quick, fun, and informative format - complete with links and annotations to more resources to help maximize your time.
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3 Responses to the PULSE: Post NatCon13 Overload!

  1. Wendy Lovelace-Andrews says:

    You guys Rock!!! The show is awesome and hilarious… guys need to make the music for the pulse downloadable as well…great beat!

  2. Rebecca Johnson says:

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  3. Robert Wilson Robert Wilson says:

    I Love the Jim Carrey “Bruce Almighty” Flatulence Scene. That TOTALLY Served a purpose and was probably the most educational part of this Pulse episode.

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