The Wednesday Call Live! with Andy Albright 02/26/2014

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The Wednesday Call Live! with Andy Albright 02/26/2014

The Wednesday Call Live (TWC) for February 26, 2014: Andy Albright hosts a live conference call and meeting from National Agents Alliance Headquarters in Burlington, NC! Andy's live show covers all kinds of great topics, including training, information on team building, new developments that are in the works, and frank discussions with your fellow agents (beginner and top level managers alike!). If that wasn't enough, the live show also provides motivation and encouragement that will help get you fired up and ready to roll! Be sure to tune in and take advantage of the great info in today's Wednesday Call.

How are we having success with recruiting and how are we getting people going fast?

The best stuff in life during Wilmington Night Owl.

Andy Albright has been on the road this week hosting HotSpots meetings in Charlotte and Wilmington.

Andy announced that the GS3 course on NAA University is now free and available to you RIGHT NOW!

The product of the week is Foresters Strong Foundation.

Andy talked about the Greek Cruise contest people can win this year. In the summer of 2015, The Alliance will be going to Venice, Corfu, Santorini Island and Mykonos and Olympia.

Andy talked about rereading Stephen Covey's First Things First and how much it has helped him refocus his efforts now.

What should you be reading? There are 24 books for new people to read when they get started, and a book list for established people or leadership...Listen up, Andy will tell you where to find them!

Joy, peace and awesome relationships. That's how we live and it's how we the make the most impact in other people's lives.

Andy was joined on the show by PDR manager Tony Hardee, Ray Bentch and Kerne Hendey. The three of them have been with NAA for almost a decade. They shared a little bit about their backgrounds and what they do for The Alliance.

The Live Show will air again on March 5, 2014 at 12:30 PM ET.

You can always catch TWC on NAAtv Live, but wouldn't you rather join Andy LIVE here at National Agents Alliance Headquarters? Catch Andy's live show, visit ABTF, chat with the LPT and President's Club - Maybe even shoot a round of pool after TWC! You can email, call or text Missy to reserve a seat (at least one day in advance, please). If you don't have her info, just dial 336-227-3319 and ask for Missy! We hope to see you at the next Wednesday call, live and in person!
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