The Wednesday Call Live! with Andy Albright 03/09/2016

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The Wednesday Call Live! with Andy Albright 03/09/2016

The Wednesday Call (TWC) for March 9, 2016: Chris Hill served as guest host for this week's The Wednesday Call live from AMP Studios on behalf of Andy Albright, who was traveling this week to help agents and host a boot camp.

The Alliance has several Instant Thunder events coming up at NAA headquarters, so check with your manager to find out how you can sign up. There are many exciting things going on with The Alliance and these events are going to add gasoline to that growing fire.

Chris asked the following question: How can a new person use meetings and events to improve?

The first step is to show up early and stay late even after the meeting is over. Another step is to have questions prepared before you even go to the meeting or event. Chance favors the prepared so having questions is important. Make sure you are engaged at the meeting. Get to the front of the room, be responsive and make the excitement level better. Invite others to come to the meeting too. Encourage people at the meeting. Shake their hands, smile at them and look them in the eye. Be very intentional about your personal growth. Put yourself in position to win.

Chris introduced the Lead Performance Team, Jay Daugherty from NAA University and Justin Tripp from President's Club during the show to talk about what each department offers in terms of helping agents succeed.

Kassie Whitaker and Briana Wallace from LPT encouraged agents to reach out to them for help with securing leads. They offered agents a lead consultation by appointment and made it clear that consistency in lead flow is key in being successful.

Through NAAU, agents can continue learning through online courses, which helps in three ways. NAAU helps streamline the process an agent goes through when they are getting started, it speeds up the amount of time it takes to get rolling and it helps our agents do what we do - sell, recruit and build - through visuals, audio and real-world examples. NAAU helps teach "good activities."

"We're here to help you," Daugherty said. "NAAU can help you. If there's a void, we are here to fill it."

President's Club is a tailored-fit, leadership and development program for agents to improve and be successful with The Alliance. Through association, training videos and audios, sales calls and live dial sessions, President's Club helps agents makes sales, hire staff, hire agents and train other people to do the same things.

Chris Hill said he gets asked often why people should visit the home office. In simple terms, visiting the office allows you to lift the hood and see what the corporate staff does and learn how to do it. "Genius is not in the person, it is in the work." People who work hard and consistently are often considered geniuses. If you can master the mundane, you can be successful. Bring people with you. Smart people know to listen and take notes to learn.

Hill explained the power of our HotSpots meetings and used the example of a Navy SEAL headed on a mission. When SEALs hit the ground, they want to answer three important questions. Those questions are: Where am I? Where is the enemy? Where is my teammate? Most people don't even fight the right enemies. Most of the time, if you can locate your teammate, then you can figure out where you are and what you are fighting. That's the power of having teammates around you.

At HotSpots meetings, you have friends and a support system. Our meetings are a place where people help keep you going toward the goal. That's powerful. That "keep going" mentality is important in keep you on the right path. Paul Roberts has said, "The association of this company is what saved my life." Use these meetings to help you and make sure you are doing all you can to make a difference.

The Live Show will air again on March 16, 2016 at 12:30 p.m. EDT.

The show is always available on NAAtv Live, but you could be a part of the live studio audience at the Alliance Headquarters and see Andy Albright in person! While you're here, you can chat with ABTF members, the Lead Performance Team and President's Club! Just email, call or text Missy at least one day in advance to reserve a seat. If don't have her information, just call 336-227-3319 and ask for Missy. We hope to see you at AMP Studios for the next TWC show!

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