The Wednesday Call Live! with Andy Albright 05/04/2016

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The Wednesday Call Live! with Andy Albright 05/04/2016

The Wednesday Call (TWC) for May 4, 2016: Paul Roberts served as a special guest host for this week's The Wednesday Call live from AMP Studios in Burlington, N.C. while Andy Albright was on business outside of the United States.

Roberts, who lives outside Dallas, Texas, was hand-picked by Albright to help deliver this week's message to members of The Alliance. Roberts' main topic for TWC was focusing on the three things that will help your business create massive momentum.

Before diving into the meat of the show, Paul encouraged people to make sure they were on track this year to win the Mediterranean Cruise in 2017. To qualify, you need 90,000 points. For all the latest details, please visit

Roberts started with The Alliance 11 years ago and his life was in a mess. He was losing cars, losing homes and trying to find a way to solve his problems. Bills were piling up and he was looking for a way to climb out of the hole he was stuck in. Roberts went to a meeting where he met Alex Fitzgerald and discovered The Alliance. Now, Roberts knows that The Alliance's HotSpots meetings are the most important resource we have. It's there every week in more than 60 cities for people to take advantage of and to learn from others at the meetings every single week. The Alliance and the HotSpots meetings are part of the reason Paul was able to get sober four years ago with help from his family at The Alliance.

Each person attending our meetings is why the meetings work. You being there matters, whether you are hosting the meeting or just showing up consistently.

There are so many things in the world that we cannot control, but people find ways to focus on those things instead of the simple and easy tasks that we can control. We can control what we do daily. We can't control the weather. Why would we focus on the weather when we have no impact on it? If we focused on ourselves on not on people, situations and circumstances beyond our control, then we will be more successful and we will be more likely to be in a position to help others too. Make it your mission to focus on what you can control.

We all have a story and we can help other people by sharing it at our meetings. There are so many amazing stories at The Alliance and the people sharing their stories can serve as inspiration to others who want a better life. Paul was able to become vulnerable through his sharing his story and he was able to learn to accept love from people because of it.

We can help others by building relationships and improving the culture by making people feel welcome when they come to our meetings. The stories create a connection for people at our meetings and it helps people grow. When you love a person you are also vulnerable to be hurt by people. It's OK to feel that way. However, our HotSpots meetings are designed to help you let your guard down and be the best and most successful person possible. Your self-image will dictate how successful you will be. Most people are broken on some level, even if it isn't a major ordeal in their life. The Alliance is here to help people work through those issues and get better. Our goal is to help people improve their lives. We do it through our meetings, through listening to audios and by reading books that will change your life.

If you are not learning and growing then you cannot get better. You cannot base your decisions based on where you are right now in life. You must keep seeking more knowledge and keep working to have a better understanding about things that you don't know everything about. Don't make the mistake of getting a little taste of success and then stop doing the things that helped you get that success. Be willing to learn something new daily. As a community, The Alliance wants everybody to continue improving in as many ways as possible.

Learn to focus on the positive things in your life. Find books and audios that you enjoy and highlight the items that help you learn and improve. It will make a difference in your life. Keep all your energy focused on the blessings and gifts you have been bestowed, and use those talents to help others. A baby that has everything it needs, but lacks love will not survive. Dr. Henry Cloud has written about it in books. There are studies that show a baby needs love to fully develop properly regardless of food, shelter and water. It's a proven fact. Our HotSpots are the place where we share the love and let people know they are loved and cared for weekly.

We are looking for people who are grateful and love helping other people who are grateful too. We are looking for imperfect people, who don't mind saying thank you, I love you and you can do it. Your attitude is a choice and we prefer people that have a great spirit and humbleness about them to succeed with The Alliance. Gratitude is one of our 8 core values, and it is a big part of who we are. We need more people that believe in operating with a strong, positive spirit of gratitude.

The Live Show will air again on May 11, 2016 at 12:30 p.m. EDT.

The show is always available on NAAtv Live, but you could be a part of the live studio audience at the Alliance Headquarters and see Andy Albright in person! While you're here, you can chat with ABTF members, the Lead Performance Team and President's Club! Just email, call or text Missy at least one day in advance to reserve a seat. If don't have her information, just call 336-227-3319 and ask for Missy. We hope to see you at AMP Studios for the next TWC show!

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