The Wednesday Call Live! with Andy Albright 06/22/2016

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The Wednesday Call Live! with Andy Albright 06/22/2016

The Wednesday Call (TWC) for June 22, 2016: The Wednesday Call was hosted by Patrick Connors, a veteran member of The Alliance, this week live from AMP Studios in Burlington, N.C.

Connors, who lives in Mason, Ohio, shared some of his story, how he did it and does it on a regular basis now with The Alliance. He has a large family and runs a large business. Everything you "do" is important and that's why you have to decide exactly what you are going to do. You have to identify what things need to be done and what can wait.

Connors opened the TWC by encouraging people to check out previous episodes of the show on The Wednesday Call Podcast with Andy Albright. Connors said his favorite episodes were EP03, EP07, EP11 and EP14. Be sure to check out those episodes any time you'd like by downloading the podcast on your mobile device.

The Alliance is taking a Mediterranean Cruise in 2017. Connors congratulated the latest people who have already qualified for the trip in only six months of the year-long contest. He also reminded new agents that you can earn bonus points to help you win the cruise. There is also a "Level Up" bonus that Andy Albright put in place to earn even more bonus points toward the cruise. Be sure to check out the contest page on for all the details about winning this cruise.

The best predictor of your income will be based on how much you invest in leads. If you invest $100 then you can predict writing $1,000 in premium off that investment. At the lowest contract level, you are making $550 minus the $100 for leads which nets you $450. However, if you also get referrals off those leads then you can make a lot more than that off of your $100 investment.

Imagine your earning potential if you invest $500 in leads instead of $100? It would go up in a massive way. Instead of picking up $450, you are looking at more like $2,250. The $500 investment puts more money in your pocket.

Patrick (56:00) talked about the impact the TWC show on April 20 (EP10 TWC Podcast). Take out a sheet of paper and write the year you were born on the left and then a possible death date or just a question mark on the right side of the paper. Draw a dash between the born year and your death year. What is going to happen between those dates? That's all the time you have in your life. What happens between those two events is controlled by you. It is controlled every single day.

Are you taking advantage of the 24 hours you are granted each day? Are you focused on doing good things that help you improve and increase your potential? Are you wasting time on television shows or social media? These are choices. They happen in a second. You make a choice and it is done. All those little choices that seemingly take no time start adding up. It is voluntary affirmation of the obligatory. To put it in simpler terms it is the ACBDE method of deciding how to use your time. Intelligent people are those who are taking actions that move them in the direction of what they say they want in life. They do the tasks and activities that help them get closer to their goals and dreams. If you don't like where you are in life then you should probably start looking at the decisions you are making, because that is exactly why you are in the position you are in. Now, if you are happy with life and you don't ever complain then you have won. You've figured it out. If, however, you complain and don't like what you do then you have to make changes. Stop complaining and start changing.

  • A – Something is important and you need to do it.
  • B – This is something you should do.
  • C – This is something that would be nice to do, but you don't have to do it.
  • D – Delegate (Let somebody else help you do a task)
  • E – Eliminate (Things you can stop doing or get away from doing)

The Live Show will air again on June 29, 2016 at 12:30 p.m. EDT.

The show is always available on NAAtv Live, but you could be a part of the live studio audience at the Alliance Headquarters and see Andy Albright in person! While you're here, you can chat with ABTF members, the Lead Performance Team and President's Club! Just email, call or text Missy at least one day in advance to reserve a seat. If don't have her information, just call 336-227-3319 and ask for Missy. We hope to see you at AMP Studios for the next TWC show!

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