The Wednesday Call Live! with Andy Albright 10/02/2013

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The Wednesday Call Live! with Andy Albright 10/02/2013

The Wednesday Call Live (TWC) for October 2, 2013: Andy Albright delivered another jam-packed message in this episode of The Wednesday Call live from AMP Studios at The Alliance's headquarters in Burlington, N.C.

Success! The Glenn Bland Method is the book of the month, while the secondary book is The Retirement Miracle by Patrick Kelly.

Andy talked about finding people who don't let problems and outside noise get in the way of their goals and dreams.

Fall Forward in Los Angeles, Calif. kicks off Friday and Andy Albright is read y to fly out there now! Why? It's a chance to find a new spark or sparks to help The Alliance take the next step. It's time to grow and grow big. The Fall Forward is a chance to find more people who are experiencing success with NAA. People are coming to Fall Forwards to get motivated, recharged and energized to close out 2013 strong.

Andy is looking for new leaders to help us kickstart the next big wave of growth. It will be growth that we have never seen before. We are focused on helping people get rolling now. We are looking for people who want to take control of their life. Most people don't know what they want. When you figure out what you want, life gets a lot easier. We are looking to find people that know what they want.

We need more people who want in the game. We've got a spot for you to play with us.

Tim Goad joined the show via telephone to talk about the two upcoming Fall Forward events. Goad said he believes that people let their energy levels get depleted. When that happens, he said it prevents you from performing to your full potential. You can't lead a person beyond the level you are on. You also can't lead them to a place they don't have the vision for. If you can take people past where they think is possible, you will push yourself to new levels too. If your view is correct, you can achieve big things. Your attitude is key. Goad said passion and energy are the No. 1 thing people look for in a leader.

The Alliance is looking for people who want to live great lives, donate more money to charities and reach great heights in this world. The best people strive for excellence. Andy told the audience that The Alliance is looking for more good people with the right heart to join us. We need more people that will influence the world in a positive way.

Andy shared a video that illustrates how a leader can start a movement. However, that leader needs a "lone nut" to spark the movement. A "second nut" validates the leadership and builds momentum that leads to a pack of people following them.

People want to be encouraged and The Alliance is going to encourage in a big way in Los Angeles, Calif. this weekend. It will be a springboard to help us grow bigger and faster than we ever have.

Andy said when we make the mundane magical, that's when great things will happen for all of us. When we start to see people with a glow, a big heart that want to do great things, that's when we can start changing the world and transforming thousands of lives. Gratitude and wanting to make a difference is what we need more of. We want people with a burning desire to do more. That's what we need to start our movement. We need more committed people. Those are the things that can change the game for The Alliance. We don't want normal people, we want crazy people who act a little differently, but they are committed and aren't scared to do big things.

If you aren't coming to Los Angeles this weekend, you are invited to the Burlington Fall Forward at NAA headquarters on Oct. 18-20. See you soon!

The Live Show will air again on October 9, 2013 at 12:30 PM ET.

You can always catch TWC on NAAtv Live, but wouldn't you rather join Andy LIVE here at National Agents Alliance Headquarters? Catch Andy's live show, visit ABTF, chat with the LPT and President's Club - Maybe even shoot a round of pool after TWC! You can email, call or text Missy to reserve a seat (at least one day in advance, please). If you don't have her info, just dial 336-227-3319 and ask for Missy! We hope to see you at the next Wednesday call, live and in person!
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