The Wednesday Call Live! with Andy Albright 10/12/2016

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The Wednesday Call Live! with Andy Albright 10/12/2016

The Wednesday Call (TWC) for Ocotber 12, 2016: Millionaire Mindset

Andy Albright hosted a brand new episode of The Wednesday Call live from AMP Studios at The Alliance's headquarters in Burlington, N.C.

Andy opened the show by giving people an update on everything happening at The Alliance. He announced a new contest for a trip to Cancun that will run for the rest of 2016. Winners will spend four days in Cancun in April of 2017.

There will be two Instant Thunder events at the corporate office on Oct. 26-28 and Nov. 30-Dec. 2. You can sign up for these events by visiting These events always sell out so get your spot locked in today.

The Alliance's National Convention will be held Jan. 19-22, 2017 in Raleigh, N.C. Tickets to this event are available now at

The Millionaire Mindset is a choice. It is driven by luck, circumstances or advantages. It is a choice. Even if you start out with assets or an edge, that doesn't guarantee success. It takes work, it takes effort and it takes consistency. It is a choice every single day. It takes thought, mindset, making a decision and doing the activity it takes to make it happen.

The Alliance has a system in place that gives you an advantage, but you have to take advantage of the resources or it won't happen for you. Taking advantage of the advantages The Alliance has cultivated since 2002. It is a choice and it is up to you to decide to have the right mindset to be successful. If you live in America, there is no reason in the world that you can't become a millionaire. It happens for somebody every day.

When you visit The Alliance headquarters, do you take advantage of everything there is to offer while you are here? If you come to an Instant Thunder event, make the most of your time at the home office. Use your time to associate with people who are like-minded.

On October 6, 2016, Andy Albright decided he was going to get rich. He decided so strongly that he put a reminder on his calendar for every day at 6 a.m. and at 8 p.m. He did this so that every single day he would stay committed to being successful. Have you made the decision to be successful? Do you need a daily reminder? Put it on your calendar and remind yourself every single day. It is a choice. You get to decide what you do and where you go each day. It makes a difference.

Revenue and Structure when it comes to mindset

How many people do you have helping other people? How many people are you helping? Do you always find ways to get referrals or find annuities? Are you teaching your team to do the same thing? Are you using MC Backup and CallFire?

How does your revenue and infrastructure look? Do people copy you in a positive way? The choices you make today will impact your life moving forward. It is about choices and perspective. The choices you make and the actions you take are what take you to where you are in life.

Here's another ideal that people don't always think about: when you reach one mountain top there is a bigger mountain out there for you to climb. Now, you can sit on one mountain top and that is as high as you will be forever. If you believe there is more out there, you have to chase a bigger mountain top.

You only have so much time to decide what mountains you are going to climb. You have to decide today what mountain you want to climb. It is OK if you don't pick the biggest mountain, but you need to pick a mountain and start trying to reach the top of it. When you tackle that hike, you can find a bigger hill to climb. The key is to start moving toward the top NOW.

It is all about choices! Forget the ordinary and start seeking the extraordinary.

How to win?

The principles of winning are the same, but the process is different. When you figure that out, nothing else matters. When you do the basics over and over, you get better. When you get to a point where it becomes habit and second nature to you, the winning gets crazy. When you are used to winning and doing, the championships start coming to you. When you are outscoring your opponents, you can't lose. Again, it is choices.

3 Things People have to remember:



Bring Somebody With You

Do you want to do it? You "want to" is a sign of your belief level, which is a sign of your ability to do something. If you don't do it, then that means you don't want to do it. According to what people want, you can determine what they believe and you can help them.

If you want to get in shape, then you are going to work out. You might not get the results you want immediately, but if you put in the work then you will eventually get the results you seek. Now, if you go to the gym and stand around then you won't get in shape. We've all seen the gym rat that goes there to talk and not work out. He doesn't get the results like those who "Do the Do." Making the decision to change is part of how you get results.

If you want to get better, then you are going to have to decide what you are willing to change. If you know the prescription to be successful and don't follow it, then you shouldn't expect the results that are not realistic until you make positive changes.

If you aren't getting the results you want, you better change something.

It really boils down to this: What do I want, Who do I ask and find out How, Schedule it and Do it!

When you decide what you want, you have to figure out how to get it. You need to talk to people who have done it bigger and better than you and ask them questions. Then, you have to schedule times to work toward what you want. Lastly, you have to do!

We all make choices. The choices we make now will take us to where we are in 15 years. We have to make choices faster now so that we can get more done.

The Alliance is fighting for the victory with a solid plan of attack. No person can do it alone. It is a team effort and a systematic plan for how to win. When we can hear it and understand it, we are going to be more successful. The more difficult the situation is, the more miraculous the miracle looks when the win happens.

Can you move from the "Do" to the "Are." In other words, when you are the "Are" you doing everything you want to and nothing can stop you from your dreams and goals. If you want to become something badly enough, you will be an "Are" person.

We all deal with choices, voices and who we will help in life.

If your doctor tells you that you are sick, but that you can get better what would you do? If you do exactly what the doctor says, everything will be fine. If you don't follow their orders, it could be very bad. What would you do?

You are probably going to listen to the doctor because it could be life or death. Now, you might be OK for a little while, but why wouldn't you want to get 100 percent healthy by listening to the doctor? It doesn't make any sense. People are crazy about stuff.

Find people that want to be better and spend your time helping them. Those are the people that will do what is needed to be successful. The Alliance isn't looking for perfect people because that's not how it works. We are looking for people that need help and don't know it all because those are the success stories that The Alliance was built upon.

How bad do you want it? What are you willing to do or give up to get something greater down the road? What do you want?

Get the Millionaire Mindset it takes to be successful. It can happen if you make the decision. Don't let you ego get in the way of what it out there for you. Do be that person that knows more than everybody else. It is hard to help those people.

An ego can limit or stop your income, relationships, etc. Remember that you can't do it all alone. You need a team to perform for and to perform with. Find people like you that are ready to "Do the Do." When you are able to bring people with you on the journey is huge. Being the example is visual and part of that visual is bringing people along for the ride. People are watching you and leadership is visual. Set the example for others. B.S.W.Y. – Bring Somebody With You!

You will be rewarded ultimately by how many people you brought and helped in your life. What you do on Earth matters. The Alliance is looking for people who want to change and change fast.

Work hard to develop a millionaire mindset. When you think, believe it and start working on it, it will happen faster for you!

The Live Show will air again on October 19, 2016 at 12:30 p.m. EDT.

The show is always available on NAAtv Live, but you could be a part of the live studio audience at the Alliance Headquarters and see Andy Albright in person! While you're here, you can chat with ABTF members, the Lead Performance Team and President's Club! Just email, call or text Missy at least one day in advance to reserve a seat. If don't have her information, just call 336-227-3319 and ask for Missy. We hope to see you at AMP Studios for the next TWC show!

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