The Wednesday Call Live! with Andy Albright 10/26/2016

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The Wednesday Call Live! with Andy Albright 10/26/2016

The Wednesday Call (TWC) for Ocotber 26, 2016: Andy Albright hosted The Wednesday Call live from the Alliance Convention Center in Burlington, N.C. in advance of this week's Instant Thunder event.

Andy announced the last Instant Thunder event of the year at the end of November. To get your ticket, visit He also covered the ongoing contests, a new Good Samaritan Bonus Special contest for the month of November and reminded people to make sure they qualify for the Mediterranean Cruise in 2017.

People ask Andy all the time how did he become successful. When Andy was a little boy he wanted choices, options and to have the freedom to make decisions. Andy hated being broke. Andy was passionate about finding a way to have freedom. Whether it was selling goats or working a J.O.B., Andy was never afraid to go for it and get in the game. The way to keep your passion is by practicing it.

When a person makes the decision to go "all in" on something they really want, they start making things happen. It takes effort, but people that have passion about what they are doing don't mind the work because they are thinking about the payoff down the road.

When you see what the reward is for being passionate about what you are doing, why wouldn't you go for it? If you know it is possible, why would you attack your dream with less than 100 percent enthusiasm, excitement, effort and passion? It makes no sense not go for it with everything you have inside you.

The people with the "How To" is always going to work for the person who knows the "Why To." People with the passion, the why and the desire will always come out on top. You have to have a reason for why you do what you do and it cannot just be about money.

Find a "WHY" that is huge or massive. When you have a bigger why, little things are less likely to stop you. If you hit a setback and your "WHY" is massive, you will keep going. You won't get distracted. You will press on. You will keep doing. That's the power of passion.

When you are focused on how far you can go, then you are not stopping at a destination because you think and believe you can do more. You don't have a set finish line because your "WHY" is too big to think that way.

When you dream is huge, people will think that "setbacks" don't phase you. That's not true. It impacts you, but you are too busy doing and moving that you don't stop to sulk and think about something that isn't worth your time. This doesn't mean you won't get hurt at times, but you have to stay focused on what you want more than a small issue that isn't as great as your passion and your why.

People with passion practice "amnesia" when it comes to issues, obstacles and setbacks. They forget it and move on. We only have so much time to get things done in this life. Why in the world would you set there and dwell with your bottom lip sticking out? Don't waste time worrying about something that is done.

Don't sit, sulk and sour. Do you best and keep moving. Be passionate about what you do. When you make a decision, proceed and don't stop. Keep going and see how far you can go. Make the decision to be passionate ahead of time and go for it.

Learn to forget what happened in the past and focus on the future. When your "WHY" is big enough, you realize you don't have time to waste on small stuff.

The Alliance has circumstances, but The Alliance has a big passion and we keep going and doing. The Alliance doesn't get bogged down in muddy messes. Passion and heart can take you places you can't even imagine.

If your passion is big enough, you won't stop. If you passion is small, then when you reach a small goal you will make the mistake of stopping and then you don't know what to do next. Being over the top passionate is how you get crazy successful.

Not everybody is going to be wildly successful, but some people will and the passion level will play a huge factor in those who win big. Passion is about perseverance. Passion is heart. Passion is fighting through issues. Passion is about not quitting when things aren't perfect. Passion is staying motivated to keep doing what you believe matters most.

Passion is deep and it keeps you going in all that you do. The key to passion is to keep it by practicing it every single day. When you are able to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep pressing forward when life knocks you down, then you have the passion it takes to be successful in life.

Most of the time passion is caught and not taught. It happens when you are around the right people and you are making great decisions. When the choices you make line up with the passion, then things start happening fast.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to be a person that has money and can do just about anything in the world they want to do. Why can't that be you? People like nice stuff and it takes money to obtain things. If you work for it and earn it, what is wrong with being rewarded for it?

Passion is not how high you can jump, it is not about personality, it is not how fast you can run, it is not a feeling, and not a sensation. It is about doing things anyway even when outside forces are trying to hold you back. Let your passion push you to keep going even when you don't want to. Find your passion and run hard to reach all your goals and dreams.



The Live Show will air again on November 2, 2016 at 12:30 p.m. EDT.

The show is always available on NAAtv Live, but you could be a part of the live studio audience at the Alliance Headquarters and see Andy Albright in person! While you're here, you can chat with ABTF members, the Lead Performance Team and President's Club! Just email, call or text Missy at least one day in advance to reserve a seat. If don't have her information, just call 336-227-3319 and ask for Missy. We hope to see you at AMP Studios for the next TWC show!

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