What should you expect at National Convention?

In the last two “Did you know’s?” Katie Reavis talks about what to expect at the 2012 National Convention. Be sure to watch these videos  at www.naa-tv.com so you can prepare for what’s to come at the event.

In addition to knowing what to expect, there are others things you can do to prepare. You will need to bring a pen and paper, iPad, or something to take lots of notes so you can remember all of the tips and “nuggets” being given from stage.

A tape recorder will come in handy for when you run into leaders at the event; have smart questions ready to ask! Map out a plan of who you want to talk to and what you want to accomplish at conference.

Dress to impress! What impression do you want to make? This is a business conference, look your best by wearing slacks and button downs or polos for the men, ladies business suits, skirts, slacks, or dresses are appropriate. Don’t forget, Saturday night is a Black Tie Event!

Jon Gordon is our keynote speaker and will be holding a book signing during lunch break on Saturday (you’ll hear more about that in next week’s “Did you know”… So, to be prepared, visit www.shopatnaa.com and stock up on Jon Gordon books today!

And finally, be sure to carry a camera! This event will definitely have memories to last a lifetime! Make a checklist of things you need to prepare and make the most of the 2012 National Convention. Get more details on this event at www.beyourownrockstar.com.

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